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The sustainable tax return

We do our part in protecting the climate.

Our company is carbon neutral! All business activities generate CO2 emissions - including filling out and submitting tax returns. We are aware of this and want to make a contribution to climate protection to compensate for our carbon footprint. The amount of greenhouse gas we’ve generated is thoroughly calculated and updated annually. This allows us to adapt our measures for climate protection to our actual CO2 consumption. We offset this by supporting a climate protection project that saves CO2 emissions elsewhere.

A third of Germany’s land consists of forests - these forests help protect the climate and provide habitats for countless plants and animals. Nevertheless, climate change, droughts, forest fires, and pests are taking a toll on the forests. The Forest Report of 2020 shows that forests in Germany are in pretty bad shape. To help advocate for healthier forests, we’re supporting ClimatePartner in the reforestation and rebuilding of Germany’s forests. Mixed forests in particular, for example those with oaks and pines, are more resistant to heat and drought.

Trees in the forest

You can also minimize your ecological footprint as an individual by determining your carbon footprint and balancing it. Alternatively, you can compensate for individual events, such as a long-haul flights. The state supports your generosity and allows the deduction of climate donations from your income. You can prove your donations to the tax office (Finanzamt) by providing your account statement. If you donate more than 200 Euros, you need to provide special donation evidence.

Green with wundertax

How you can contribute to climate protection: By filing your tax return with wundertax, you are showing that climate protection is important to you. wundertax is currently the only provider that offers a sustainable tax return, meaning your tax return submission is completely carbon-neutral as we compensate for all CO2 emissions. You can feel good about protecting our climate and helping to save our world for future generations.

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